Facebook Marketing

Theirs 2+ Billion Monthly user on Facebook alone and if you can slice into that audience you can make millions. There active user on Facebook every second making purchases from small business from either online leads or viral promotions.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one the largest social media platforms next to Facebook that has the most active members each month, you must know how to dominate each platform to really succeed in your business. Great news, we have the gurus and experts that have help many companies generate millions of dollars in sales from Instagram marketing and management alone. Hire us and let us do the same for you and your brand.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is great platform to engage with your audience and keep them updated frequently without creating major ads, but you must know how to communicate effectively to have the key words catch your audience’s attention. There are 330 Million users in total and if used to your advantage you’re guaranteed to get a piece of that action and boost your revenue almost instantly.


YouTube Marketing

Everyday millions of people upload their content on YouTube and you never even see it or may never see it, why? They don’t have the Marketing Gurus that can take that same video and bump it to the top of YouTube with immediate trackable results, real comments and likes and potential subscribers. This is great for anyone trying to earn income from YouTube or using YouTube to promote and market their brand , either way we got you covered and will get you that exposure your looking for to boost your revenue.

Link marketing (Affiliate marketing)

Website builder

    • 5 Pages
    • 20 products (Ecommerce)
    • Social Media Pages

Social Media Management

    • 3 Daily post
    • Client engagement
    • Spam Blocker (Negative remarks)

Website Improver (New)

    • We log into your current website and improve
    • -Seo
    • -Headers, homepage, Titles

Why Top Grade Marketing & Consultants?

This is a major question and it all depends on why you need us, Top concern we have for all our clients regardless of business model is to increase your revenue. Obviously it takes money to make money which is where we step in to place, we insure none of your hard earned marketing dollars go to waste. We expertise in the art of social media marketing, and we consistently monitor our clients campaigns to make sure every running add is performing to its full potential. Anyone can create ads, but not everyone can reach the right clients with those ads. Most marketing companies just take your marketing dollars and blast your content to any audience, we use a proven technique to basically lure your customers directly to you for the cheapest prices possible. You shouldn’t be worried about when you’re going to get your next sale or learning how to run complicated Facebook ads, let us do the hard work and make you money. The great thing about our business model is we have a fixed monthly rate, so if your marketing budget is $100 one month and $5,000 the next, our monthly rate doesn’t change, which saves you tremendous funds in the long run from paying an agency 10% or by the hour we don’t believe in costing you more money that can go back into your brand. Example of that would be if your marketing budget is $10,000 a month, you’re going to pay that agency $1000 a month in Fees alone, which can be going back towards your budget for the company’s growth.